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We help your business thrive online through Facebook and Tik Tok Ads

Why Tik Tok & Facebook Ads?


Facebook ads have been around for nearly 15 years. And Facebook is still king! If you know how to properly manage your Facebook campaigns, they are an extremely profitable tool that will help your business scale insanely fast.

Plus, Tik Tok Is Crushing It!

It's undeniable that advertising costs are increasing for the same results. All the while Tik Tok has 60-70% cheaper CPM's and great traffic quality, making it one of the most profitable ways to advertise. That's why not being part of it is a seriously missed opportunity. It won't last forever

Low Competition

Very few business have realized the potential of Tik Tok ads. That's exactly why there's less competition, lower prices, and more opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Our Services

It's difficult finding agencies that offer both Facebook & Tik Tok ads. That's because it's new. We act quick, we learn, and we master

We Do Everything

We do everything from strategy creation, campaign management, content creation and much much more

Fast Onboarding

Unlike other advertising agencies that need 6+ weeks for onboarding, we only need 7 Days. We keep it simple and easy. That's what allows us to be quick and save any wasted time 

No Minimum Contracts

It's our core belief that we are TRUE partners, and we want to give you as much value as possible for a faire price. That's why we don't believe in min. 6+ month contracts, like other agencies. We roll on a month to month basis, so you never have to do what you don't want to 

Who is This For?

  • Businesses looking to scale

  • Businesses ready to reach new customers

  • Local & online businesses

  • Businesses looking to take their offline business online

  • Businesses that want to capitalise on new trends

  • Business that have had enough of trying and failing with online ads

Next Steps


Let's have a quick chat going through your business and how we can help you reach your goals


We'll help you set up all accounts, pixels etc as soon as we begin. It won't take longer than 60 min


Now that we know your goals, we start working on the entire ad strategy and all the creatives. All you have to do is approve it


That's it! After just 1 week your ads are ready to launch. We'll keep opimizing them and keep you up to date with their performance

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Ready To Crush Your Ads?

Let's hop on a 10 min call so we can figure out how we can help you reach your goals

  • Get results in 7 Days

  • Stop wasting your time with failing ads

  • Concentrate on your business while we conentrate on your ads

  • Let us help you excel online

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